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ABC INTERCARGO is a registered and consolidated company in the United States, committed to logistics solutions for the industry and the aeronautical industry. You will find in us the support you need for your maintenance operations and purchases of supplies of aeronautical parts, necessary for the correct operation of your aircraft.

We know that the parts, spare parts, services, and maintenance you need are urgent and very important. We understand you and because of this we have highly trained and expert staff, who will be available to your company, to meet and solve all your needs in an agile and efficient manner.


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ABC INTERCARGO is able to devise, build, monitor and execute the supply chain for the supply of spare parts, professional support, and extensive coverage in maintenance and repair services.

We are agents of original equipment suppliers (OEM) and generic spare parts manufacturers (PMA) for more types of materials.
 Our goal is for the part to be in action when you need it.

ABC INTERCARGO has a culture of customer service that consists of serving and assisting the client in everything they need at the time that this requires. This culture is implemented with each employee throughout the company.


Our company has specialists in Helicopters and Airplanes that allows us to obtain spare parts and solutions in their scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. As well as advice in the search and purchase of aeronautical products in general.

ABC INTERCARGO LLC has commercial relationships and partners around the world to meet your needs and requirements.

  • General inspection
  • Engine inspection (Piston, Turboshaft, Turdoprop, Turbofan)
  • Repair and Maintenance of engines (Piston, Turboshaft, Turdoprop, Turbofan)
  • Maintenance of aeronautical parts – General Aviation
  • Overhaul of components
  • Transfer of aircraft to the exterior for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Modification and repair of avionics equipment

Additionally, we have services in:


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Strategically located in South Florida with 6000 ft of warehouse for your merchandise, a space that allows us to offer our clients reception, handling, inspection and dispatch to the destination country that is required.

  • Headquarters:
    2800 Glades Circle, Suite 137 Weston FL, 33327

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